Author Georgiann Baldino writes about real people caught up in great events.

Her published works span a number categories, including suspense, history, historical fiction and a travelogue.

Unique characters captivate her, and she tells their stories regardless of genre.

Reviewers praise her writing as “wonderfully well-written and entertaining" and "heartwarming" and "riveting."

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19th century, Abraham Lincoln, alcholism, American Civil War, archaeology, art, artists, artifacts, battle of Shiloh, biographical fiction, biography, Bosnian war, brokerage firm, bullying, business personalities, campaigns, Catholic history, Catholic nun, cavalry, Chicago history, childhood memories, childhood remembrance, children of divorce, chimera, civil war, Civil War medicine, Civil War nurse, classical music, classmate, collectibles, coming of age, composer, composition lessons, creativity, crime, crime fiction, curse, dark fantasy, debate, debates, diaries, Douglas, drug abuse, dystopia, earbuds, elder care, elderly parent, electronic games, environment, environmental causes, ethnic cleansing, expressive writing, falling tree, family relationships, fantasy, detective fantasy, thriller, farm life, field hospital, finance, first kiss, fortuneteller, fortunetelling, friendship, frugal, games, gangs, genetic engineering, genocide, ghost story, grandparent, grand parenting, grassland, greed, harmony, haunting, heirloom, high school, historic home, historical fiction, history, 1946, homeless, homeless children, homeless shelter, hope chest, hording, hostage, humor, incantation, infantry, inquisition, interrogation, investing, job performance, journaling, journalism, journals, Judas Iscariot, kidnap, Kodak, life altering event, Lincoln, Lincoln-Douglas debates, literary, Madonna impersonator, marbles, marriage, martyrdom, memories, memory loss, meth addiction, methamphetamine, midcentury modern, myth, Mohammed Ali, money, murder, murder mystery, myth and legend, myth folklore, nature and responsibility, nature preservation, nature sanctuary, near death, necromancer, needlework, negative campaigns, nonfiction, nostalgia, novella, novella by female authors, nursing home, outsider, outsider art, pandemic, paranormal, pensioner, persecution, philosophical fiction, pianist, piano lessons, political crisis, political debate, politics, pollution, power broker, private investigator, prodigy, PTSD, rare birds, reconstruction, recycle, refugees, religious persecution, repurpose, retirement road trip, roman gods, romance, romance historical, sandwich generation, satire, scifi, scroll, scrolls and parchments, serial murder, sewing, Shiloh, short fiction, short story, siblings, slavery, social reform, social reformers, Stephen Douglas, stroke, suffragettes, suspense, suspicious package, terror, terrorism, terrorist, underemployed, underemployment, veteran, veteran stories, Vicksburg campaign, visualization, Wall Street, war, War Between the States, widower, widowers grieving, women and success, women in history, women's movement, women's rights, women's work, women's fiction, workplace, World War II, WWII, WWII army

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