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Journal of a Cavalry Bugler
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Charlie Dickey serves as General Sherman's bugler, member of General Grant’s escort, fights alongside African American troops and falls in love with a beautiful southern belle. When President Lincoln is assassinated, it seems war may become a thing of permanence. Historical fiction that tells little-known details of a young man caught up in the great struggle of the American Civil War.



Candidate Lincoln, a novel
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"wonderfully well-written and entertaining...riveting."
 Joseph A. Truglio Civil War News

Lincoln's 1858 campaign changed the way Americans defined freedom.




A Soldier's Friend
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Cornelia Hancock did not meet the government’s requirements for female nurses—and yet she served on the frontlines of the
Civil War for nearly two years. Cornelia provided a unique look behind the scenes of America's worst battles. Her adventures
would make an amazing legend—except her heart-rending ordeals are true.

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Biography of Civil War Nurse Cornelia Hancock

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